Deepdene Surgery

Patient Information


ServiceFeeMedicare RebateOut of PocketPensioner Fees
LEVEL A$50$17.50$32.50$33
LEVEL B$88$38.20$49.80$59
LEVEL C$145$73.95$71.05$103
LEVEL D$200$108.85$91.15$138
CARE PLAN 721$210$145.55$63.45$165
CARE PLAN 723$172$116.15$55.85$138
MENTAL HEALTH PLAN > 40$230$136.25$93.75$170
MENTAL HEALTH PLAN < 40$185$92.50$92.50$115
IRON INFUSION$220$73.95$146.05N/A


At the time of consultation, your doctors will advise when they expect your results and whether you can call or need to make a return appointment. For test results please speak to reception staff. If necessary the nurse or your doctor will phone you later to discuss the results. It is the policy of Deepdene Surgery that we do not email results.

Patient Feedback

If you are concerned with the service you receive, we are keen to hear about it. Please speak to our practice manager or your doctor to discuss your concerns. You may also contact the health services commissioner on 1900 136 066 or or the AMA on 92808722.