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What does the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout mean for you?

The AstraZeneca vaccine is available at Deepdene Surgery for everyone over 18 years of age! Our Astra Zeneca clinics run on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The Pfizer vaccine is available for everyone aged 40-59 and eligible individuals outside of this age bracket. Our Pfizer clinics run on Sundays and Monday afternoons. Book now through HotDoc!
The vaccines are given at Deepdene Surgery – COVID-19 vaccine injections are not offered at home visits.
The COVID-19 vaccination programme involves 2 injections 12 weeks apart. The flu vaccine (and any other vaccine) needs to be given 2 weeks either side of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Patients aged 40-60 can receive the Astra Zeneca vaccine, but it is prioritised for people over 60 and preferred that people under 60 receive the Pfizer vaccine. For more information, click here.

What do you need to do for now?

Continue to check our website for further updates.
If you are concerned about the potential side effects of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, this information sheet may be helpful to you. For more info about the risk of blood clots, click here. If you are under 60 and have concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine, click here.
For more info on the AstraZeneca vaccineclick here. For more info on preparing for your vaccine, click here.

We recommend you speak with your GP if you are planning to have the vaccine and you:

  • have any questions or concerns about the vaccine
  • have a history of anaphylaxis to any component of the vaccine, including to Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) for Comirnaty, or to Polysorbate 80
  • have a history of anaphylaxis to multiple drugs or injections
  • are acutely unwell (e.g. febrile ≥38.5℃)
  • have a bleeding disorder or are receiving anticoagulant therapy
  • are immunocompromised (e.g. as a result of a congenital or acquired immunodeficiency, or you are taking immunosuppressive medication)
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have a past history of COVID-19 or ongoing illness from COVID-19
If you have cancer and have questions about the vaccine, please see this page for further information.
Please make sure your details are up-to-date with Medicare. You can do this through your MyGov Medicare Online account, the Express Plus Medicare app, or by calling 13 20 11. Only those with Medicare cards are eligible for the vaccination at GP clinics.

Click here to download the COVID-19 vaccine consent form. You will need to complete this prior to your injection.

Flu vaccines are available at Deepdene Surgery, and flu clinics will run during normal GP hours. There needs to be a two-week separation between receiving any vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine.

How to get an appointment

All people aged 18-39 and 60+ can now book Astra Zeneca vaccine administration appointments online via HotDoc.
All people aged 40-59 can now book Pfizer vaccine administration appointments online via HotDoc.
Appointments are available for people who attend Deepdene Surgery or who do not usually attend Deepdene Surgery.
We expect that this vaccine rollout will take and may take some time for you to receive your vaccine, so we ask you for your patience. We can only give as many vaccines as we are supplied and this is dependent on the vaccine access and distribution to us by the Federal Department of Health. Hopefully if and when we receive a larger number of vaccines then we will open up online appointments.

Importantly, please continue to check our website as the situation changes regularly.

On the day of your vaccine

Please attend at the allocated time, not earlier or late.
We will be providing the vaccine to those who are informed and consenting and ready to be vaccinated.
There will not be the opportunity to have discussions about your individual health matters relating to the vaccine at the clinic.  Please have these discussions with your GP BEFORE you attend the vaccine clinic. We aim to vaccinate over 100 people per clinic, so there WILL BE other patients there at the time of your appointment. This is not a regular consultation, it is purely for your injection. If you have other concerns you wish to discuss with your doctor, please book an appointment outside of COVID-19 vaccination clinic times.
Please ensure you bring:
  • proof of your eligibility depending on your eligibility group:
  • proof of age
  • proof of medical condition (e.g. health summary, prescription, care plan or referral)
  • proof of eligible employment
  • your signed consent form
  • Medicare card

After your vaccine

For information about what happens after you get your COVID-19 vaccine, we recommend you visit the Health Direct website.